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Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:48 pm
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You know, I hadn't actually looked at the primetime tv grid for fall yet, but looking at it now, it seems pretty reasonable compared to previous years. With several shows ending last season, and a bunch of shuffling, the days seem to be more balanced.

So here's what its looking like so far:

Sundays- with OUAT moved to Fridays, I guess its the Fox line up, with Walking Dead in the middle, and then NCIS: LA if I have the chance.

Mondays- Pretty sparse, with only Supergirl and the Gifted for now.

Tuesdays- I'm think Tuesdays will go Flash, Lethal Weapon, The Mick, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, LoT, and watching NCIS online or off the DVR later?

Wednesdays- I don't think [personal profile] clevemire has anything at 8, so I can catch Riverdale then, Modern Family, SVU, and Criminal Minds.

Thursdays- Gotham, the Good Place, The Orville, Great News, then Supernatural and Arrow later?

Fridays- I have all weekend to catch the Friday shows, so I'm not sweating it. But I guess it would be Macgyver at 8, then catching OUAT and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Of course, I don't know where the cable stuff fits in there, but I don't think it should change this too much. Like Dirk Gently is Sat night, so that shouldn't interfere with anything. I think Shannara is Wednesdays or something?

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 05:50 pm
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So season 3A of Fuller House debuted on Netflix today. Heh, I cannot believe it took me three reasons to notice the double entendre of the name. Like I knew DJ's married name was Fuller, but I totally did not put that together until now. What me am, some kinda moron?

It looks like they added Gia's daughter as a new character this season, which hey, any excuse for them to have Marla Sokoloff on is good with me.

So the The Cruel Intentions Musical is showing in NYC in November and December. While I've always found it interesting, Ida know. The show takes place in a dinner theater. So you either sit at a table and have to order food, or you're stuck in standing room only area. Don't wanna stand for two hours, but eating while the show is going on just seems weird.

Also, its weird the page doesn't say anything about the cast for this one.

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Sep. 18th, 2017 11:32 am
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TV commentary:

Teen Wolf- Ugh, I can't wait for these hunters to get their comeuppance. spoiler cut )

The Strain- Interesting end. spoiler cut )

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Sep. 16th, 2017 08:19 am
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TV commentary:

American Vandal- You know, I said I wasn't going to spoil this series, but I want to talk about the last ep. spoiler cut )

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Sep. 15th, 2017 07:01 pm
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TV commentary:

American Vandal- Finally finished this! I won't spoil it for people reading this, since they should go check it out if they haven't.

Instead, I'll just make a few more superficial comments about the chyx in this. Power ranger girl's outfit when they went to speak to the physics teacher? spcv('Nice!') Actually, I'm kinda curious how the characters of that universe see this documentary? Like each ep, is that how its being presented to the audience of that world? I only ask, because I don't see how people were shipping Gabi and Sam. Like they hardly had any screen time together, and what they did have was hardly shippy! So I can't see how they would have this like huge following.

I will say, the prom after-party, that's the first time I started thinking, "Sara Pearson? I totally see it now!" Mac's still way hotter though. Like I like Christa and all, she seems like she'd be more my type, being the cute type A brunette. But I like the hot alt-girl gamer chick thing Mac has going.

Transformers stuff- So while I have been doing the MP and 3P thing, I will say I'm liking the stuff in the Titans Return line. Surprisingly, while the Deluxe class is small compared to MP and leader scale, they have some pretty solid figures. Nice robot and alt modes with a lot of articulation and easy and straightforward transformations.

I especially like they've taken previous characters I've owned, and made a smaller, but way superior product. Take the 1st set of Decepticon Targetmasters:

Triggerhappy, Misfire, and Slugslinger. Its pretty cool how they're all actually derived from the same mold, only re-tooled. But yeah, definitely way more arm and leg movement compared to the original figures. Pretty nice alt modes too:

As seen here, they've changed from targetmasters to headmasters in this new century/millenium. They're actually coming out with targetmaster versions in a few months, for twice the price. Which seems a little confusing, since they're still headmasters as well. So in the TR versions, their former targetmaster partners form their head. But if their partners are back to being their guns, then what are their heads called?

Anyhoo, Triggerhappy was the first of the lot, and the most fun transformation of the three. Its a very clever mold, hence them re-using it. Misfire has the purtiest jet mode of the three though. Like I love the giant guns on Triggerhappy's wing, but Misfire's mode is just really sleek.

Slugslinger has the best accessories though- I'm not a fan of Misfire and Triggerhappy's guns, since they have a big open gap in the middle since you can put the guns together to form some sort of gun-something that the tiny titanmaster figure can sit in. Which is honestly kinda goofy.

Slugslinger's guns though look like proper weapons, and I love the different configurations you can do with it. Like you can have something that's a close approximation to the original Caliburst gun mode:

A snubby tri-barrel thing:

Or you can have him dual wield:

I have Scourge coming tomorrow, though I'm a little disappointed there's not a TR version of Cyclonus, prolly because they just made a combiner version of him already. So alas, I cannot have all 5 Decepticon Targetmasters like I used to.

I also have Quake coming, the only one of the second wave of Decepticon targetmasters I had. Which, originally, I didn't pay it any heed, because it was just a re-color of Hardhead. And it was kinda disappointing, because his tank mode was more real-world, a German Leopard, rather than the future made-up tank Hardhead turned into. But the reviews were pretty good- I mean, despite my reservations of his alt-mode, he has a pretty good robot mode.

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Sep. 15th, 2017 04:10 pm
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TV commentary:

American Vandal- Heh, I am almost ashamed at the stuff that keeps cracking me up on this show. Its like, what am I, twelve? spoiler cut )

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Sep. 15th, 2017 10:24 am
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TV commentary:

American Vandal- Started watching this on [personal profile] clevemire's recommendation, and I'm enjoying it so far. spoiler cu )

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Sep. 15th, 2017 08:19 am
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So, an update to this post, here's a list of G1 Transformers I had as a kid. I bolded the ones that have a recent update, whether 3rd party or the most recent "G1"-ish toylines like Combiner Wars, Titans Return, and Power of the Primes. I count RID and the movies as separate entities. And I have an asterisk next to the ones I have an updated version of:

Diaclone No.1 Countach LP500S (Red Sunstreaker)*
Diaclone No.5 4WD Hi-Luxe Trailbreaker*

Long Haul*
Air Raid
Blast Off

Blurr (non-TM)
Hot Rod (non-TM)
Cyclone (Targetmaster vesion)*
Scourge (Targetmaster version)*
Ultra Magnus
Cutthroat (again, not sure why I had just one of the Terrorcons)


Free Wheeler
Direct Hit

26 out of 76, so about a third. I'm debating about TR Hot Rod, and Blurr. Maybe TR Octane (though its prolly cheaper to get in the set w/TR Blitzwing, and have all three Decepticon Triplechangers to boot), Legends Astrotrain or one of the 3p options. There's also Fanstoy's version of Reflector, which BBTS does have on sale, but that's still too pricey right now.

I actually regret getting MMC's Reformatted version of Cyclonus. Particularly with Fan Toys/Perfect Fusion's version in development. The FT/Perfect Fusion version has a more G1 aesthetic, and not only does he have the sword of the IDW version, but his Targetmaster partner to boot. Its like the best of both worlds. You know, I didn't get people sucking Fans Toys dick on the 3rd party boards, but between this, their version of Reflector, Jetfire/Skyfire, Dinobots, Insecticons, particularly Shrapnel (which I do have), they put out some high quality stuff. That being said, I wouldn't shit on other companies like some of these posters seem to, all, "Eh, I'll wait for the FT version!" about other 3rd party products that are pretty good!

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Sep. 11th, 2017 11:16 am
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Here at work, even though campus is closed, because I am designated personnel. I get comp time for being here, but what the hell am I supposed to do with that, I already have 9 weeks of vacation and 4 weeks of sick stored up.

TV commentary:

Bojack Horseman- This season was heavier than last. Not that it didn't still bring the funny. I am slow on the jokes sometimes. spoiler cut )

Teen Wolf- Some interesting stuff this ep. spoiler cut )